Ok, so the first thing I’m gonna review are macarons!!

I stopped at the airport in Paris on the way back from England.  My first sight was “Maison du Chocolat”.  This brings back good memories of my past trip to Paris where I had the most AMAAAAZING chocolate tart.  The chocolate was just simply smooth, rich and fresh.  So I bought some dark chocolate macarons.

After I few steps ahead to my gate, I saw Ladurée which is meant to be THE best macarons!

So as usual, I sat in a corner and started trying them both.

Ladurée: the macaron part was very thick.  It was soft in the inside and crunchy on the other side.  It also had a bit of a chewy feeling; EXACTLY how i perfect macaron is meant to be like! Then there was a small layer of chocolate.  This was good quality dark chocolate like any other good dark chocolate.

Maison du Chocolat: the crusty side (macaron part) was good (soft, with slight crispy texture and didn’t take long to get into the chocolate part.  In fact, the actual macaron part could have been a bit too thin (compared to Ladurée).  After I got into the chocolate bit, omg, this chocolate was a piece of heaven!!!! It was fresh (if you know what I mean), SMOOOOOOTH, rich and had a lovely cocoa fragrance. The chocolate bit was to die for!


If you really want good macarons – go ahead with Ladurée because they have the perfect texture.  If you want REALLY good chocolate (more than the perfect macaron texture), then go with Maison du Chocolat.

For me personally, I would definitely go with Maison du Chocolat only because I love chocolate and could not care less about the macaroon 🙂

(Bottom left) Ladurée.  (Bottom right) Maison du Chocolat


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