Thé Mon Café

Thé Mon Café

So what’s the hype about this coffee shop in Montreal? I wanted to know; soo took a 15 min walk to old Montreal from the main city..

I was clueless what to order, but the people at the counter were very friendly and helpful and spoke English! :). I ended up getting a Latte and a croissant. Although I just had my breakfast an hour ago, the guy at the counter said that I must try the croissant. So I did. It was reeeeeaaally good; actually THE BEST croissant I’ve ever had! Generally I’m not a fan of croissants, but this tasted buttery, was moist, fresh and light!! Was totally the opposite of “bland”.

Actually if you go for the croissant, choose the TLC. Has tomatoes, eggs, lettuce and sauce..but I was too stuffed for that.

The latte was really tasty!! It wasn’t watery, but wasn’t too thick. The coffee taste of it was brilliant!!! I’m not a coffee drinker myself but this was tasty! I didn’t need to put much sugar in it as it wasn’t too bitter anyway.

Would I come here again? I live in the west island; so it’s quite far just to come here (1.5hr by public transport). So no. But I’d definitely come here if I’m around.
I could get my buttery croissants from Première Moisson (which is around 7mins drive from my house). For lattes, I’d come here or stick to my other more convenient and fave place: Café Myriade.

Verdict: not worth to come down here if you live too far; but then again I’m not a coffee drinker nor a croissant eater 🙂

REVISED – Surprisingly, I can’t stop thinking about this amazing croissant and no other croissant compares to it.


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