The best chocolate desserts in Montreal

As a big chocolate fan, I have tried and tested chocolate desserts from quite a few places!  Here’s my run-down:

1. Triple chocolate cake by Cacao 70
2. Chocolate mouse cake by La Croissanterie Figaro
3. Chocolate babka from Cheskies
4. Dark chocolate mouse cake from Pekarna
5. Toute chocolat cake – Première Moisson


Cocao 70 (Pic 1)

This absolutely devine!! Layers of sponge cake (soaked with coffee), layers of dark rice thick chocolate sauce topped up with whipped cream. It’s hard to explain – better you try it for yourself!

La Croissanterie Figaro (Pic 2)

The chocolate mousse cake is very rich, smooth, not bitter and NOT sickly! My hubby is not a big fan of chocolates but he actually liked this! For the price and quality of the cake, you get a lot!  I highly recommend this to you.

Cheskies (Pic 3)

The chocolate babka is not a cake; rather it is a pastry: layers of soft pastry (pastry itself is not that sweet), followed by layers of dark chocolate (sweet).  Overall, it’s a soft and very rich chocolatey structure – you would want to have it with a cuppa tea!

Pekarna (Pic 4)

The dark chocolate mousse cake was surprisingly good!  But it does not beat the cake from La Croissanterie Figaro.  Why? It has some hazelnut/flaky stuff on the bottom which diverts the chocolate taste away.  It has a chocolate glaze on top but this is very sweet and not as rich as the other glazes from other bakeries and is topped up with what a basic chocolate ball.  I am not saying it isn’t good; it is, but the other ones in my ranking earns their place!

Premiere Moisson (Pic 5)

The Tout Chocolat cake used to be at the top of my list a long time ago until I noticed other great bakeries around.  They also stopped selling this cake.  In fact, they say “we still make it” but it’s not the same.  It used to be a layer of brownie, followed by a slight bitter dark chocolate mouse with chocolate bits, covered by a rich chocolate ganache.  I did however, see a similar cake on valentine’s day and it was amazing – but it had whipped cream in it.  See the picture.

Gourmet Privilège (Pic 6)

They have some amazing cakes, but I only tried one: Sonuscouta ( believe that’s what it’s called!). Layer of dark mouse (quite bitter and a bit crumbly – like a mix between a brownie), vanilla cream (light and flavourful), chocolate sauce, topped up with chocolate clusters which were sweet and a bit salty.  It had different kinds of textures (smooth, then light, crunchy, sweet, salty) so it was quite addictive!  For sure this would satisfy a sweet chocolate tooth 🙂

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3

Pic 4

Pic 5

Pic 6


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