Quebec City – Part 1

So I went to Quebec City a couple of days ago, not really expecting much. However, my-oh-my; I had the most delicious thai food ever!  It was at Bati Bassak.
We went in a group of 10 people.  Although they were fully booked on the 27th Dec, they did however manage to accommodate us!  Their service was extremely good because given that it was busy, they had the patient to answer our questions and provide us drinks and food promptly.

Here were my favourites:
1. Amok – Tilipia fish in coconut milk, wrapped up by cabbage.
2. Beef Khemr – very flavourful and slightly spicy. You could also try the chicken version
3. Cambodian fried rice – I’m not a big fan of fried rice, but my sister said that it’s the best she ever had

We also ordered the Nid Balti which is basically a bird’s nest (i.e. vegetables, chicken and prawns on top of crunchy noodles).  This was good, but not amazing as the others above. Also the Pad Thai was good but not extraordinary as the above 3 dishes.

All dishes were served with white rice and each dish accommodates only 1 person, so make sure you order enough dishes if you plan to share!

Overall – I highly recommend this place! Yum – feel hungry for this now while thinking about it!

Nid Bati (below)


Beef Khemr

Cambodian fried rice


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