Quebec City – Part 2

A review of Paillard (a highly rated bakery)

My family and I went for a 1 night trip to Quebec City.  The first place we stopped was at Paillard in Old Quebec because we wanted a light snack.

My family members got panini’s and soup.  The mushroom soup was reviewed highly on tripadvisor.  However, it was quite ordinary to me; perhaps because they didn’t put cream in it so it was a light mushroom soup kind.  The panini’s were are decently priced and there were a lot of options.  I had a bite from my hubby’s panini and found it quite good.

When we got there at 4pm, many of the pastries were sold not: not surprised, since there was a huge lineup outside the store! However, the next early morning, I walked there just to try the pastries out.  Omg – they were exceptional.  Here are reviews from a few of the pastries that I tried:

1. Jesuite – this was puff and flaky pastry with a thick layer of smooth and sweet almond cream.  It was soooooo good
2. Chocolate Amandier – it’s a chocolate and almond croissant but this was THE best one I’ve ever had! The pastry part was slightly crunchy on the outside and moist inside and buttery.  It had a layer of that delicious, smooth almond cream and some dark chocolate large chips
3. Vanilla Crème Brulée – this was THE best crème brulée i’ve ever had.  I’m not a big fan of this, but the cream part was SO smooth, creamy, light and they used REAL vanilla beans.  It was topped up with a rich and sweet brown sugar layer and was broiled at the top to perfection leaving some sweet and slightly chewy caramel parts on the rim of the pots
4. Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin – I usually bake my own muffins, but these were high quality ones.  The cake was very soft and sweet – I believe they used really riped bananas because the taste was very flavourful.  Furthermore, it had many semi sweet big chocolate chips in it.

Overall, if you go to this place, you must try the top 3 products listed above!  The muffins were good, but they were not unique as the other items listed.  The sugar rating is slightly above average.  After trying a bit of each of the above items, I was really sugar high and now cannot take anymore in me 😀 but it’s not sweet as Tim Hortons and Starbucks.  This is really high quality stuff. Definitely go there and indulge!!




Chocolat Amandier



Crème Brülée



Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin



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