Pinxto, Montreal

Pinxto, Montreal

This is the first time that I had pintxo.  It is similar to what is more well-known: tapas. So what’s the difference between them both? Well after thorough research, there isn’t much of a difference between pintxo and tapas.  Pintxo’ is a ‘Basque-ified’ take on the Spanish word ‘pincho’, which itself comes from the verb ‘pinchar’, which is ‘to pierce’. Pinchos are traditionally pierced with a cocktail stick, to attach it to the piece of bread that they invariably came attached to. However, as the cuisine has evolved, the food is now less likely to be pierced to a piece of bread than before. The difference depends largely on context and location in Spain. Anyway to us, they’ll be the same 🙂

Since I have never had tapas or pintxo before; I really don’t have much to comment and compare except to say whether it was good or not.

My hubby and I actually ordered about 4 pintxos each which was more than enough! – Given that we went there on an empty stomach.

First we were served with wholewheat bread that was freshly baked with a side dish of olive oil.  The waiter kept giving more bread as we were eating it.

-Cream of courgette soup (1) – was very good

-Salmon tartare (2)- good, but not amazing because it was rather bland.  I had better at Avocado sushi and Marche 27

-Seared fois gras on a bed of lentils (3)- I’m not a big fan of fois gras but my hubby said it’s the best he’s ever had

-Marinated crab with roasted pepper and grilled prawn (4) – good.  I heard that the crab and shrimp stuffed piquillo with shellfish sauce is amazing but unfortunately there were none left when we went

-Grilled lobster tail (5)- grilled to perfection served with spring salad

-Black cod with tomato virgin sauce (6) – amazing fresh fish!! This was quite pricy at $9 but well worth it.  It was on top of chopped, creamy and buttery potatoes

-Venison medallion, butternut squash puree and truffle salt (7)- amaaaazing lamb piece. and the combination with buttersquash went very well. A lot of fat on the bone and this was roasted to perfection.  The meat was medium cooked so it was very soft on the inside and crispy on the edges.

– Goat cheese raviolis with duck stew (8)- very fresh and soft raviolis.  The stew had strips of duck in it – this is when the bread came useful!

-Mushrooms stuffed with duck confit (9)- this was fantastic!

Overall, it was a great experience as I got to taste a lot of small dishes!  Moreover, these dishes were spaced out quite well.  We were served one after another with about 2 minutes gap between each dish.  The service was top-notch.  If you have to try pinxto/tapas, then you gotta try out this place!












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