Brunch at Le Cartet

This is known to be a popular brunch/coffee place on rue McGill towards old Montreal.

My friend and I chose to eat here because it’s more central to the main city than other brunch places.

I ordered the Brunch Santé because it was highly rated on tripadvisor and yelp. It was 2 poached eggs (one on a whole wheat toast, the other on a bagel; both with pesto/goat cheese spread and salad), 2 sticks of cheddar cheese, yogurt with organic granola, fig and fresh fruits.

The eggs on toast were good but a little bland. I had to put salt and pepper on it. Toast and bagel were perfectly toasted and were home made! Cheese was average- a rather mature kind, and it went well with the fig! The yogurt wasn’t too thick like greek yogurt and wasn’t bitter. It was quite good! The granola was amazing and not super sweet. This was topped off with a few frozen blueberries. The fruits were not very fresh but ok and it consisted of a couple of strawberries, slice of a grapefruit, an orange and a pineapple. This meal was also served with something called “amuse-bouche” which is similar to a moist, dense piece of cake and was served with orange juice. All for $17.99 I believe. I was stuffed to bits! All in all: it was a great breakfast, a tad pricey, but I expected it to be a bit better in terms of flavour and the freshness of fruits.

My friend, on the other hand, ordered asparagus and cheese omelet that was served on toast, served with a few baby potatoes cooked with duck fat. Yes duck fat!! We both found that too stinky!! 🙂 and my friend couldn’t get rid of that smell from her mouth until hours later! The omelet was rather bland although it was a lot and was light and fluffy.

They held a good selection of Yusmi tea but was charged at 3.25 a bag!
My friend’s coffee wasn’t that hot also but the waitress kindly served more (a second round of hot one). In fact, the service was excellent despite that the restaurant was packed! The ambience was also good.

Would I go there again? Yes, but it wouldn’t top my list of brunch-place-to-go. There are far more better breakfast places out there that have more choices and at a better value. Although, I did love the ambience!..


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