Pikolo Express Bar

This is another popular cafe that I just had to check out before I leave the city..leave the city; what???!!…
Yes..I’ll be moving to Calgary in 2 weeks because I’ve found a great job opportunity there! I will miss Montreal though. It’s no doubt one of the best cities to live – for foodies!

Good thing is that I can start blogging about the food in Calgary! I’ve more or less tried out many of the great places in Montreal and now it’s perhaps time that I move on..

Here’s my verdict on this cafe, which is closely located to UQAM.

I took a sweet potato, cheese and herb scone – although I’m not a big fan of savory scones, this was quite good. It was a bit hard to taste the potato though. I could taste the cheese and salt mostly.

Mocha- it had a subtle coffee flavour. Was actually a very thin consistency (like milk). Not too sweet as other mochas.

Overall: I would only come here if I was around here. Perhaps the lattes are good (rated highly and have not tried it myself), but the mocha was also rated highly and didn’t lead up to my expectation…I think Café Myriade still tops the list of my recommended cafés. Was worth trying though!


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