THE best steak I’ve ever had! – Longview Steakhouse, Alberta


Honestly the steak was like melt-in-your-mouth, flavourful, good quality meat steak. The sauce around it was good too. I simply licked off every bit of that sauce from that plate. The steak was also served on a bed of vegetables which seemed very fresh and locally grown.

The Apple soup was very comforting. It was not too sweet, but a tad, but damn creamy and delicious.  I cannot understand how they made this delicious soup from an apple.

Chicken Pastilla – Shredded chicken (more like in a curry sauce) that was wrapped up with fillo pastry and glazed with sugar with a sprinkle of icing sugar. Loved the whole texture of the chicken and the flaky pastry; the curry taste with the sweetness.

The vegetarian dish – this was a surprise dish especially made for the vegetarian.  With one mouthful, it looked as if he was in a world of his own. He was so glad he came to this restaurant and that the chef actually made an effort to make what my friend calls “the best vegetarian food I’ve ever had!”.

DESSERTS: Crème Brulée – This was warm and the glaze was perfected. However, I would say this is average because it wasn’t that creamy.  I’ve had better in Quebec.  I also tried the chocolate mouse cake – this wasn’t too rich. It was quite light and had a macaroon base, with chocolate and coffee layers of mousse in between. This was ok, but I would prefer a RICH chocolate dessert.  I also tried the Lemon Cheesecake.  This was not heavy at all. Simply refreshing – I would definitely have this next time!

Overall, I would definitely visit this place again! Cant wait till next time! 1-1.5 hour drive from Calgary, but now I understand why it’s worth the trip. The service was top-notch (family run business) and they really met our needs. High five!


Steak and dessert at the Saltlik Restaurant, Calgary

Steak at the Saltlik restaurant: pretty basic (my dad cooks better ha-ha :)), but the sticky toffee pudding was great! The pudding itself was a little dry on the inside as it did not absorb the sauce, however the taste was great. I loved the combination of the crispy caramelised warm pancake on top with the cold sensation from the vanilla ice cream.  This whole combination was just mesmerising.