It’s been a while since I wrote last.  Actually, I have moved to Calgary for a better job opportunity.  And since I’ve moved, I have been eating out at a few highly rated restaurants (by Tripadvisor).  However, little did I know that the food generally is really not great here.  In fact, by moving away from Montreal, I realise that Montreal sets its bar high in terms of quality of its food (not just the service and the decor of the restaurants).  Montreal also has a variety of restaurants (from all over the world) and many dessert places.  Here, there are a couple of ice cream places, hardly any bakeries (and whatever there is, it’s REALLY NOT good; I’d rather bake my own) and no chocolate places (as far as I know).  Prices are overall quite high here, even for fast food.  I remember going into KFC and a portion of fries cost $5.  If you buy a donair wrap, it’s around $10.  You cannot find a wrap for $6 as you can in Montreal.

People likes their beef here.  Actually the donair meat is quite popular and I cannot complain!  Also they like their fast food chain of restaurants.

I was going to review every restaurant that I have been to here, but then I thought that my blog could get very depressing 🙂  Therefore, I have decided only to review the ones that are reasonably ok or better (rather than the really bad restaurants).

I did notice that many busy popular restaurants have great reviews online and you have to reserve in advance to get in..the decor and service is nice, but the food is below my standard.  Maybe because I’ve lived and ate in the U.K and Montreal where food is great.  For those who live in Calgary could find those restaurants great but I will comment based on my own views…


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