Best coffee place in Calgary

   Cappuccino at the Roasterie

 Here’s my round up of the best coffee around downtown, Calgary. Although I’m not a pure coffee drinker myself, I am very particular with my mocha and sweet treats.

  1. Roasterie
  2. Bumpy’s Cafe
  3. Cafe Artigiano
  4. Analog Cafe
  5. Phil & Sebastian

Roasterie in Kensington is a cool hip place.  The coffee though is something out of this city 🙂  The coffee is roasted in the shop, so the aroma is just amazing.  I’ve not had a mocha here, just a cappuccino, but just that cup of coffee made my day 😀

Bumpy’s mocha is so smooth and very choclately. They use real chocolate in their drinks. The muffins are home made and very fresh, hot out of the oven. They make different kinds each day and sell out first. Atmosphere is very family type and staff are extremely welcoming and friendly.

Cafe Artigiano’s mocha is very light; somewhat a thin consistency, but their coffee is very good. The chocolate content is light too I.e. A hint of chocolate
They have lots of pastries but I haven’t tried them myself
The atmosphere is very professional on weekdays; it’s THE hang out/meeting place for employees. Probably because the coffee places are located around offices and have a good vibe.

Analog Cafe’s mocha is smooth. In fact, it’s really smooth mmmm 🙂 I also tried the chai latte which is very relaxing! The mocha doesn’t hit high on my list because the chocolate content is very small and it’s a bit bitter; so I have to add sugar in it. The cookie is good too.
Environment – very hip and cool; many youngsters with their MacBooks, there are seating outside too. It’s a great place to relax and hang out; a bit of a Montreal vibe.

Phil & Sebastian
The mocha was extremely bitter to the point where I had to put in 3 sachets of sugar. This is a very popular hang out place, so I was a tad disappointed with their mocha. I had their egg breakfast muffin and it was very good as their bread was freshly baked. Atmosphere- very trendy and cool.


Thai food at Khao San Thai Kitchen

I had the braised short ribs in Massaman curry..beef was perfectly cooked;not spicy and a bit sweet. The thai green chicken curry was good too.

But honestly, the best thai restaurant has to be the one in Montreal called Payathai on rue Guy. And Bati Bassak in Quebec City.. Can’t beat their mind-blowing flavours 🙂