Chocolate Truffles and Macarons, Montreal

Chocolate truffles and macaroons, Montreal

My hubby moved to Calgary from Montreal yesterday and he brought me 2 goodies!!
1) a selection of truffles and chocolate from Divine Chocolatier and macaroons from Chocolats Privilege

The macaroons were some of the best that I’ve had from Paris and Montreal.

It wasn’t a chewy texture like most macaroons. Instead the outer was slightly crispy which a soft centre and a very rich dark chocolate filling. It wasn’t too sweet and you could taste the actual good quality of chocolate. A taste of heaven 🙂 I actually finished the box of 6 in one go. The chocolate quality is top notch (if I didn’t tell u that already). Make sure that you go there early or reserve in advance otherwise they could be sold out!

As for Divine Chocolatier, they are named to have the best dark chocolate truffles in Montreal and were awarded for it. I could only have one; very rich indeed. However, I did find it a bit heavy and do prefer the truffles from La Maison du Chocolat in Paris. Apart from that, I tried the chai truffles which were very unique and had an almost liquid filling. This was more to my liking as it wasn’t too heavy. Divine Chocolatier is known to be THE place to buy chocolate in Montreal. Customer service is outstanding; a very pleasant lady gives samples to try out and takes her time to recommend her chocolates. Definitely go there if you are in the city.

I still have a lot more chocolates to try out, but hope to do that slowly since I know I won’t be visiting Montreal anytime soon.


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