Calgary Stampede

The best things you gotta eat during the Calgary Stampede:

1) Fried Oreos: sounds gross but it’s not greasy at all. It’s basically an Oreo inside a doughnut type of dough and is served warm. You get around 4 pieces for about $6

2) Colossal: these aren’t typical onion rings. I actually don’t like onion rings but this was something on a totally new level. It’s a whole onion that is sliced only upto the root (looks like a flower). This is then dipped into batter and fried. The batter isn’t hard as the usual onion rings..ifs very crispy and light. The dipping sauce is really good! Definitely this is not to be missed!!

3) Turkey Legs: at a hefty price of $17 for the smallest leg (known as “large” size), this is worth it if you’re really hungry and want something satisfying! You have the option for it to be dipped into BBQ sauce. The leg was in fact very good; soft and tasty; definitely satisfying.

4) Mini donuts: (not in the photo), but for $5 a bag, you get a bagful of warm donuts!! Seriously addictive

5) Mini donut lolly: for $5, you get a dulche de leche lolly with about 1 mini donut in it. Not bad especially if it’s a hot day.

6) Joey’s fish on a stick: for around $7, you get a long piece of haddock I believe; covered in batter. Then a layer of its own special tartare sauce on top. Really fresh but this thin piece will not fill you up.

7) Red velvet mini donuts: around $6 served warm. It had real cream cheese on the outer side of the donuts. Although I like red velvet, this wasn’t anything special. However, this was money worth spent (many donuts on a stick and hard to finish!) but for me, the original mini donuts still tops it all.

Overall, if you visit the the Calgary Stampede festival, for sure you gotta try the weird/different kinds of food. Stampede isn’t complete without the food experience. Take around $50 each if you’re a foodie. Follow my advice and definitely don’t miss the fried Oreos and the onion colossal.