Since Tiramisu was the most unforgettable food, I’m gonna rave on about this now.  I first had Tiramisu from Venice (my first stop) and this was at I Tre Mercanti (a Tiramisu bakery).They sold all kinds of flavours ranging from Pistachio, Nutella to Traditional and was made fresh every day. I was also delighted to hear that they contained no alcohol! So I bit into the traditional tiramisu – the mascarpone cream was SO light, and the coffee flavour was perfectly absorbed in its sponge and it wasn’t too strong.  I felt at that moment – it was THE best tiramisu that I had in my life!

Later in Rome, I went to Est Artigiani del Gusto. When I asked the waitress if it had alcohol in, she explained clearly and loudly “Tiramisu never contains alcohol! It is only has fresh mascarpone cream, coffee, cocoa powder and sponge; never any liquor” It seemed as if she got asked that many times before, so at that moment I went onto google to find out what exactly tiramisu is meant to be. Tiramisu in Italian means “lift/pick me up” because it is a coffee flavoured dessert.  Traditionally, it only has finger biscuits, egg yolks, sugar, coffee, mascarpone cheese and cocoa powder (i.e. no liquor or egg whites). So there you go: in the UK and North America, we’ve been so used to that strong coffee flavoured, and the liquor smell that we really haven’t tried the real, mouthwatering, light tiramisu! Let me tell you one thing straight: my hubby have always hated this dessert; but in Italy, he’s been having it everywhere!

I also came across a non-traditional (and probably THE tastiest) tiramisu at Flavio al Velavevodetto in Rome.  The 45 mins transport to get there from town was well worth it. This was homemade tiramisu in a glass; bottom part with coffee flavoured sponge, and then layers of fresh mascarpone cream with crunchy chocolate wafer bits in in the middle!  It was topped up with melted chocolate…what more can I say?

Pompi was Rome’s most popular tiramisu place.  They had it in all kinds of flavours (as shown above in the menu) and were sold in big boxes.  This was the 3rd tiramisu that I had on my 7th stay in Italy, so unfortunately, I couldn’t enjoy it as much…uhh..of course duhhhh – tiramisu overload!

Whatever it is, if you ever visit Italy, you will not find a single tiramisu that will disappoint you…


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