Sweat Treats of Italy


Gelato in Italy is not the same term as gelato in other parts of the world. In Italy, gelato actually means ice-cream.  In other parts of the country, we refer to gelato as ice cream but this is made with a higher proportion of milk (lower proportion of cream and eggs than “ice cream”).  My hubby generally does not like gelato at all, but in Italy, he loved it.  I especially loved the ricotta cheese, figs and walnut gelato from Marco Ottaviano in Florence.  Florence had the best gelato places.  In fact, I went to about 7 gelato places in the whole of Italy and I gotta say that Marco Ottaviano was the best!

The other highlight of my trip was the coffee (too bad I only had it once).  This was from Tazza D’Oro in Rome.  For around 1-2 euros, the coffee was top notch.  In Italy, usually there are usually no seating in coffee/pizza places.  We basically stand around a bar to drink coffee.  Caffe Shakerato on the other hand, was a cold type of coffee. This was freshly made with espresso, a bit of sugar, and lots of ice was shaken vigorously until a froth formed when poured.  It was refreshing given how hot it was outside (45 d.c)!


I found them extremely sweet (sweeter than French pastries in general). Most items were crunchy such as cannoli or even light in the form of choux. However, I fell for the Pane al Cioccolato (chocolate chip bread).


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