Unforgettable baked goods – Sidewalk Citizen, Kensington, Calgary

The display
The display at Sidewalk Citizen
Chocolate Babka
Chocolate babka, walnut/banana cake, chocolate chip cookie
Fall Cheesecake
Fall Cheesecake

Coming from Montreal, looking for a decent bakery in Calgary has been quite a challenge!  So far, I have found Yann Haute Patisserie and Rustic Bakery as 2 of my favourites, each specialising in what it does best.  Yann Haute (for its French items such as macarons, baguettes, beignets (french doughnuts), brioche and tea cakes.  Rustic (for its simple items such as bread and loaf cakes…I’ve tried their lemon loaf cake and the marble cake – amazing!).  This bakery on the other hand (known as Artisan Bread and Bakery – Sidewalk Citizen) sells just about anything: little cakes, salads (which look very appealing), different types of cookies, bread, fire wood pizza and unique items such as babka!

Just when I thought I had to go back to Montreal for my chocolate babka from Cheskies, I am so glad I found this.  I got a loaf of babka just for me for $12 (no there wasn’t any smaller and I finished it all by myself in no time).   To give you an intro in what Babka exactly is: it is basically a Jewish sweet buttery bread (just like a brioche) and is made from twisted doughs with layers of flavours.  In this case, it was made with 54% chocolate.  It was so fresh and the chocolate was rich and really satisfied my craving.  Other flavours included white chocolate with cranberries/ or praline.

The cookie and cake were great too.  The cheesecake was unique because it was made with cranberries and walnuts (for its “fall” flavour). The cheese itself was not light, but a little dense.  It wasn’t too heavy either.  I’d say that the flavours went well together.

So for me, it’s definitely worth the 25 minutes walk to Sidewalk Citizen!


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