Sidewalk Citizen – Bread and Sticky Buns!

Sourdough Wholewheat Bread
Sourdough Wholewheat Bread
Sticky Buns
Sticky Buns (3/4 eaten)

Although I have stuffed myself on Friday with pizza and pastries, I could not resist going back to Sidewalk Citizen for bread and something sweet!

This time I reached there at around 10am and they had many more items than when I went last time in the afternoon.  In fact, they ran out of other items such as sunflower whole wheat bread and other pastries, so it’s a good thing I went there early!   Why?  Well the sticky bun was the best “cinnamon” type of roll that I’ve ever had.  If you like sticky toffee pudding, this bun is a cinnamon roll, but with a sticky toffee gooey pudding on the top.  It was amazing!  If you don’t like cinnamon; no need to worry -it was just a hint; and not overpowering as the usual rolls.

As for the bread, it was pretty standard for a fresh bread.  Yes it was crunch on the outside/soft in the inside and was quite sour (as the name suggests).  Next time however, I’d like to try other types of bread.

I’m glad I went there in the morning; looks like I’ll have my morning 25 minutes walk every weekend for these treats 🙂 oh and for my “Roasterie” cuppa coffee too which is 2 minutes walk from the bakery – Perfect! 🙂


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