Chocolate Croissant / Pain au Chocolat


Chocolate Croissant, Sidewalk Citizen
Sticky Roll, Sidewalk Citizen
Pain au Chocolat, Eclair De Lune

So I went to Sidewalk Citizen this morning to get a couple of sticky rolls (reviewed in an earlier post).

This time I couldn’t resist the chocolate croissant there. It was light, springy and buttery. The chocolate quantity wasn’t too much but was enough for a light sweet snack. On the other hand, the Pain au Chocolat from Yann Haute Patisserie was more rich and slightly more dense. It was more like a rich, buttery, chocolately dessert 🙂 If you prefer a a lighter, springy croissant feeling, opt for the one at Sidewalk Citizen. If you prefer a more rich, denser and chocolate pastry, go for Yann Haute.

The other Pain au Chocolat that I’ve tried was from Eclair De Lune. The pastry was incredibly light, but wasn’t soft or springy as the other two. In fact it was a bit dryer. The chocolate wasn’t rich either and was lacking.

I personally prefer a more richer chocolate pastry. Therefore my ranking of all of the chocolate pastries are as follows:

  1. Yann Haute Patisserie
  2. Sidewalk Citizen
  3. Eclair de Lune

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