The Coup – Calgary’s Trendy Vegetarian Restaurant

Magic Dragon Bowl


Thai Pizza
Mushroom Baklava
Yam Fries
Chocolate Torte
The Iron Board


The Poacher
Earl Grey Chèvre Cheesecake
 This is a modern vegetarian restaurant, situated on 17th Ave SW (9 street) in Calgary that serves local, organic food.
I first went there a few weeks ago with my hubby for dinner because I was really craving for vegetarian food.  It was a 20 minutes waiting that day (which was relatively short compared to the average 30+ minutes waiting time).  I remember that my hubby, a carnivore, was not really excited at all 🙂  And today, I went for brunch!  Here are my thoughts on both of the occasions…


– Mushroom Baklava (seasonal mushroom with thyme, truffle essence & truffle honey layered in phyllo pastry) – Was a very light, tasty starter, but for $10, you don’t get much.

– Baked Rosemary Yam Fries – This seemed pretty standard and not much different than the ones I do at home.  These were perfectly cooked and had a really garlicy sauce that came with it!


Magic Dragon Bowl – For this, I had to choose 3 out of the following choices: tofu, lentils or chickpeas.  I went for the lentils.  Then a choice of quinoa or wild rice – I chose rice. This was served with steamed/sauted veg and a sauce of your choice! I chose the peanut satay sauce as it was slightly spicy.  For $17, they did give a huge bowl and I was stuffed after that!  The vegetables were lightly sautéed (except the broccoli which was a little more on the raw side).  The home made sauce made all the difference.

Thai Pizza.  My hubby ordered this.  Per description “Peanut satay sauce spread on a sprouted grain tortilla shell with chili flakes, smoked cheddar cheese, smoked tofu, green onion, black sesame seeds, inca fire salt and scallions”.   He didn’t enjoy it much – mainly because he really missed the meat, the standard thick crust and the loaded cheese! 😀 I personally found it not bad, but it could be something that I could make at home on a tortilla wrap.


– Chocolate Torte – This was made with chickpeas!  This was a huge slice and I could not finish it after my eating my main dish!  I have to say that it’s really good; not too chocolately but was worth it 🙂


So today I decided to The Coup, but without my hubby.  This was after realising on 2 incidents (1 in Montreal and 1 in Calgary) that he was not a fan of eating at vegan/vegetarian restaurants.

At 9am, my friend and I queued at the front door of The Coup on a Sunday morning.  Although it normally opens at 9am, it opened a few minutes later.

Smoothie – The Coup makes smoothies with very unique and different combination of ingredients.  Every Saturday/Sunday, they make something creative, so you will always find something new.  Today I had raspberry, cherry, beet, coconut, almond milk and lime smoothie!  It was a very unusual flavour but was really good!  There was no ice and no added sugar; just the REAL stuff.  I’d be interested to try out more of their other flavours!

My friend and I couldn’t decide what to eat on the menu; the choices were different from the usual standard breakfast.  So we decided to share a couple.

The Poacher – This plate had 2 house-made butter biscuits that had a pumpkin pesto sauce on top with spinach.  This was topped up with really soft and perfectly cooked poached eggs and hollandaise sauce.  This was one of the best breakfasts that I’ve ever had.  The biscuits were soooo buttery, fresh, hot soft and slightly crunchy on the outside.  It was the perfect comfort food for a Sunday morning.  This was served with the “perfectly cooked” hash browns!  I also ordered the hot sauce, which was made in-house.  It was a “fresher” style of the siracha sauce and wasn’t too spicy.

The Iron Board – this consisted of 2 wild rice red-fife waffles! It was so fresh, warm, slightly sweet, and incredibly tasty.  This was topped up with sautéed mushrooms (3 kinds of mushrooms) and leeks, and was served with honey.  It truly was amazing.

For dessert, we shared:

Earl Grey Chèvre Cheesecake – this was made with goat cheese, spritzed with bergamot oil and served with a fig shortbread.  If you don’t like goat cheese, then don’t order it.  I personally am not a big fan of the goat cheese, but the smell of goat cheese was overpowered by the bergamot oil smell.  The cheese cake was incredibly smooth, rich and unique.  


I highly recommend you to try this place.  The ambience is great! Service is excellent and food doesn’t take long to come.  If you’re a carnivore, I’d say it’s better to stick to their breakfast – because you can’t go wrong with eggs.  For dinner, I personally think that the starters are average and slightly pricey at almost $10 each.  Go for the main instead and try their desserts.  I heard that they also sell good coffee too, since that is done in house.  

The Coup creates something new (off their menu) on a daily basis!  Follow their instagram page to see how creative they are.  Usually in many restaurants, creativity actually brings the taste or quality down, but The Coup knows exactly what ingredients work together.  They know how to cook and make vegetarian food really tasty.  This is certainly one of the best vegetarian restaurants that I’ve been to so far. Long live the The Coup! 🙂


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