Refreshing High Tea at The Dove’s Nest, Calgary

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My friends and I were excited to try out “high tea” for the very first time!  I’m familiar with the afternoon tea, which is more common in Cornwall, U.K (where I grew up).  The usual afternoon tea consists of a pot of tea, fresh scones, clotted cream and jam.  On the other hand, the high tea is all that but in addition: sandwiches and sweet treats.  I was delighted to find such a place in Calgary!

The Dove’s Nest is a family-owned business that opened a few years back.  We had to reserve in advance by phone and they asked if we had any dietary restrictions.  We just said “no ham”.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by a young lady (later greeted by the owner!).  They were very welcoming, friendly and helpful.  The tea selection was large and everything were in the granules form (rather than tea bags).  We were all very confused what type of tea to choose, but the staff described each tea very well.  I chose a spicy black tea (name forgotten), which I found it very aromatic and calming.

It was not long until we received our 3 tier dish, and every item was explained by a staff member.

Let me tell you something: every single item on the trays were absolutely fresh and comforting.  For example, the mini quiche crust was not hard, but was smooth and “melt in your mouth” and each item was so flavourful.  I felt as if I was having REAL home baked/prepared food.

The high tea price was around $32 per person (a little bit on the higher side from what I hear), but I have to say that it was well worth it and an experience that I will never forget.  I couldn’t ask for better food and service. The only con I would say is that there was no clotted cream.  Instead there was devonshire cream (thicker/heavier cream than whipped cream, but was sweet) and this was good.

Other than high tea, they after afternoon tea (a little bit more affordable and if you want something light). The customers who sat on the table next to us told me that they were regulars and go there for lunch and tea! They said that the lunch was really good too.

Would I come back here? For sure! Who doesn’t love a chat over a nice cuppa tea? 🙂


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