Afternoon Tea at the Fairmount  Queen Elizabeth Hotel, Montréal


I had an afternoon tea with a friend for the first time in Montreal at Montréalais – the bistro place at Fairmount Queen Elizabeth hotel.

Although it was called “afternoon tea”. It felt it was in between a “high tea” and an “afternoon tea”. High tea because they gave more than just scones and they charged $26pp. However they didn’t offer as many items as a “high” tea normally would.

Sandwiches- a disappointment; the bread felt a bit stale as if it’s been prepared at least a day ahead and kept in the fridge. The smoked salmon sandwich was in fact a bit smelly and so it didn’t seem that fresh.

Macaron- raspberry/choc macaron was provided. This was excellent and the chocolate ganache was very rich. Although, my friend smelt it and said as if it’s been left out open in the fridge.

Cream puff – no complaints; was just a tad bit too sweet.

Chocolate dessert in a glass – a basic chocolate mouse topped up with some clusters that weren’t crunchy nor tasty.

Scones- these were just like my homemade version except that they were the smallest scones I’ve ever seen.  It was served with ready made strawberry jams (in mini glass jars) and a very small portion of clotted cream.  I was impressed that they actually served clotted cream! It wasn’t like the real Cornish stuff but it was still the thick, buttery kinda feeling. I was a bit disappointed that they gave ready made jam.

Tea – they had a great selection of teas (in the form of leaves), so no complaints here.

Service – extremely slow. I think we were the only customers there,  but still it took a long time for our tea or food to arrive.

Ambiance – very comfy seats and a great place to chat! There were no other customers at 3pm though which was a little surprising!

Overall, I wouldn’t come here again. For the price at $26pp, I feel it’s not worth it especiallly since the service was slow and the sandwiches were a huge disappointment!!


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