Monplasir, Calgary

This is a tiny French bakery that is located on the top floor of the Core Shopping mall (towards the Holt Renfrew direction).

They sell well known chocolate from Belgium (Neuhaus) as well as a selection of macarons.  The macarons are larger than the ones I’ve eaten before.  At around $2.50 a macaron, I would say that the price is pretty average for Calgary, but the macarons are bigger.

I ordered the matcha flavour and the dark chocolate flavour macarons. These aren’t as sweet as the Yann Haute macarons, so these are good for those who don’t have a very sweet tooth.  It’s very crunchy on the outside; and incredibly moist on the inside. The buttercream between the shells is also less thick than and more buttery/creamy. The dark chocolate macaron flavour was very rich, but it would be nice with more buttercream in it!

In terms of flavour, so far I find that Yann Haute has more of a “wow” effect.  I’d have to try some more flavours at Monplasir to really decide.

Overall, I’d say that they’re great quality macarons and within easy reach at the Core mall.  I’d definitely come here again!


Updated review:  I’ve tried many of the flavours at Monplasir.  Each and every macaron stands out – bursting with flavour, perfect creamy filling and the macarons are never dry!!  This is my favourite macaron place in Calgary!


Macaron flavours


Inside my pretty little bag


Dark chocolate macaron


Chocolate (70% cocoa)



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