Great Kabob at Fenêtre Sur Kaboul, Montréal


  Qubuli Pilow  
This is an upscale casual Afghan Restaurant, situated in downtown Montreal.

For starters I ordered Ashak (homemade Afghan-style ravioli filled with fresh leek and coriander, topped with homemade garlic yogurt and seasoned minced meat sauce, sprinkled with mint). This wasn’t spicy (medium) and was slightly on a tangy side because of the yogurt.

For the main I ordered the Qubuli Palow (delicately seasoned chunks of lamb, under a mound of cardamom flavoured Basmati rice, topped with julienne sliced carrot strips, raisins, almonds and pistachios). I wanted something that wasn’t dry but this was very tender lamb mixed with the rice.

My husband had the lamb kebab (Paghman kabob – seasoned lamb chunks, served with Basmati rice, aghan salad and lemon marinated onions with sumac). This was one of the best kebabs that I’ve tried. Normally I’m not a big fan of dried kebab food, but this had a slight smokey charcoal taste, not too chewy and was spiced perfectly. The amount of meat was huge in this dish compared to the one I had.

Dessert- Baklava – one of the best I’ve had. So moist, yet I could feel each single layer drenched in tasty syrup. It was chewy and the top was slightly crunchy.

Ice cream was a bit like “falooda”; topped up with rice noodles and rose water. 

Service- excellent, however I felt that they were understaffed that day (Thursday). Ambiance of the restaurant was very good; not noisy and had comfy seats

Most of the kabob dishes come with a starter and dessert and cost around $30. It’s a great place to meet up and have kabob. The other food was great but not “wow” and be mindful that parking can be a bit difficult to find.


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