New Vegan place at Copperbranch, Montréal 

This is a new vegan place that has recently opened in various locations in Montréal.

We ordered the following:

  • Asian Fusion Powerbowl: that had smoked tofu and vegetables 
  • Burger 
  • Carrot Keftedes 

The Powerbowl was a huge portion. The tofu was very tasty, but everything else was slightly on the raw side and was little cold.  It contained very little seasoning, but it was served with a sauce (which didn’t help that much).

The burger was quite small; so if you’re really hungry, you have to order more food.  This is a quite popular dish here and is meant to taste like meat, but I found the party a bit dry and a little tasteless.

I was told that the Carrot Keftedes was really good. This was sweet but was not cooked, nor raw. It wasn’t that warm either.

Service- very slow, but the sales lady was quite new and she kept apologizing for the delay.

Ambiance – consisted of wooden chairs and a few benches; no music. It’s more of like a subway kind of place but brighter.  However for a “higher than subway price”, I would expect a little more from them.

I wouldn’t come back because of the poor ambiance and the somewhat cold food. I would try other vegan/ vegetarian restaurants in Montréal.


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