My Montreal Express Trip!

I went for a 5 day trip back to Montreal (the city where I lived for about 7 years before moving to Calgary).  Other than my family (husband’s side) and friends, there is one thing that I miss the most: FOOD.  I’ve never experienced a wide variety of food (from different countries) other than in Montreal.

As a foodie, I had a “foodie list” for Montreal, which I’d like to share with you!  I could have written a longer list, but I tried to be realistic for 5 days and it was a tight one.  At the end, I could not go to every place on my list, but I did enough; even more than what my stomach could handle 🙂

  1. Macarons – In general, Montreal offers a large selection of macarons from different boutiques.  Although I admire the ones from La Maison du Macarons, I go to the one near to where my family lives: Chocolats Privilege.  At $10 for 6, I find it affordable! I love the dark chocolate ones, but they didn’t have any at that point.  The raspberry ones were just as great (as recommended by my 5 year old nephew!).
  2. Café Myriade – I just love everything about this coffee place, except the seating (there are never any seats free!!).  This is the best mocha that I’ve ever had (made from real chocolate rather than the syrup) and the smoothest, caramelised feeling lattes.  I also love their brownies and muffins!
  3. Juliette et Chocolat – This is probably the best hot chocolate in the world.  I opted for the seasonal pumpkin brownie…mmm
  4. Cacao 70 – They sell the best chocolate cake in the world (I’d call it more like chocolate pudding because of it’s layers of mousse, coffee, cake and sauce).  If they’d open one up in Calgary, I’d be the happiest person on earth…well almost! 🙂
  5. Chinatown – There’s nothing like Chinese in Chinatown!  We went to La Maison VIP where they sell grilled lobsters.  So much choice and more affordable than the west of Canada.
  6. Pushap – Although it’s a “cheap eat” kind of place, I do miss this place.  They are known for it’s affordable, homemade vegetarian food.  My favourite is the Thali, which comes with 3 curries, rice, salad and bhatura bread.  The atmosphere is homely and service is good.  At $6 a meal for really fresh food, you can’t go wrong.
  7. Poutine at La Banquise– I’ve never been a big fan of poutine because I just don’t like cheese curds, but La Banquise famous poutine place offers mozzerella cheese instead of the usual cheese curds.  I like it because of its variety of toppings and freshly cut french fries.
  8. Chocolates – Montreal has a lot of chocolate boutiques that sell some of the finest chocolates. Les Chocolats Belge in Pointe Claire sells Neauhaus (Belgian) chocolates.  Other places such as Leonidas, Chocolats Grandbois Genevieve and Divine Chocolatier are great too!  Too bad, I did not have any time to have chocolates there!
  9. Bagel at St Viateur – Montreal is known for its fresh bagels.  Luckily, one opened up in the west island area and this requires a review on its own!

Other than downtown, I love to hang around Pointe Claire Village.  It’s an area near the lake which has small lovely boutiques. I normally like to go there for ice cream in the summer at La Bilboquet (and there is Wild Willys ice cream too!).  This time I came across a very cute decor shop and an NHL shop “La Cabane D’Oiseaux” (that sold all kinds of merchandise).

As well as my list above, we also went to a Pakistani restaurant (Salateen), Afghani restaurant (Fenêtre Sur Kaboul read here for the full review) and a Schezuan Restaurant (La Perle – buffet).  All were amazing.

I can’t wait to return next year! And next time, I’ll aim to try out other coffee places and chocolate boutiques! Afterall, there is nothing like enjoying coffee and chocolate with friends 🙂





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