Buttermilk Waffles, Calgary


Strawberry Cheesecake Waffle


Rachel’s Waffle

This is a new place that opened up on 17th Ave, 3rd St.

I honestly didn’t expect much from this counter-serve eatery place; especially since I had liege type of waffles from various places in Montreal and Europe.

They have a seasonal menu (from which I ordered the strawberry cheesecake) as well as a regular menu. They also do movies on a weekly basis so that customers can enjoy eating waffles while watching a movie.

The strawberry cheesecake wasn’t so much “cheesecake”. It was a waffle topped up with “Village” ice cream, fresh raspberries, whipped cream and a little cheesecake sauce. However the waffle itself was really good: very, very soft on the inside and warm, and slightly crunchy on the outside. It had a slight sweet taste that wasn’t overpowering!

The Rachel’s waffle was topped up with pecan nuts and toffee sauce. My hubby said it’s the best he’s had.

They also do savory waffles but there’s only 2 choices on the menu.

Service- I say it’s strictly average. Even though it’s a Nandos style ordering system, the cashier wasn’t that helpful in helping us to choose a waffle. When I asked about a particular waffle, she didn’t describe it but pointed towards the walls. The seasonal menu was not on the regular menu, so a little bit of guidance would’ve been helpful.

For a price of 2 waffles for $14, I’d say it’s not bad for Calgary. Ideally I plan to get my own waffle machine and make my own, but until then, I’ll surely visit this place again!


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