Creamy Butter Chicken Pizza at Pizza Hut

Butter chicken is probably the most popular Indian dish in the North America. It’s a very creamy dish usually made with tomato, various spices (including tandoori masala) and has a slight smoky flavour.

I’m generally not a big fan of fast food chains, but this pizza surprised us. We ordered this from 17th Ave, 9 st, Calgary. Firstly the pizza bread itself  was very fresh and soft. This Butter Chicken Pizza was exactly as described: Creamy Butter Chicken Sauce, grilled chicken strips, roasted red pepper, red onion and pizza mozzarella.

The butter chicken sauce replaced the tomato sauce, but I felt that it wasn’t so creamy. In fact it was very smoky. Somehow, it didn’t even make the base soggy.

The grilled chicken was good regular chicken (not the tandoori type in which is normally used for butter chicken).

Overall, the flavours went really well together. So far, Calgary really sets its bar high in terms of fast food such as pizza, fried chicken and oooooooo burgers (that I’ll tell you later ;))


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