Casbah Moroccan Restaurant, Calgary

Located in downtown, this is an authentic Moroccan dining place in a lower level area.

I chose Casbah because I thought it would be the perfect place for a special girls night out!  I loved the ambience and privacy  (to some extent)at each table.  Each table area had comfy seats and cushions and was divided by windows and curtains.  The colours were gorgeous.  Food was absolutely delicious.  I ordered the couscous with aromatic sauce of tomatoes, garlic, saffron and chickpeas.  You can add a meat-on which costs extra; I chose the merguez (spicy moroccan lean beef sausage). The sausage itself was not spicy, but the couscous was.  Although the plate looked small, in fact, it was really filling.  My friends chose the Couscous Sahara (couscous with caramelised onions, figs and pecans) with the meat sampler.  Meat sampler contained chicken breast, merguez, lamb and prawn. They said it it was absolutely delicious, sweet and the dish was cooked with whole spices.

Everything was fantastic and I was SO sure that this would be a regular place to dine to (especially since I live so close) …until…I was appalled by their service.

When I brought the surprise cakes from the car and surprised my friends, the waiter (or probably the owner), said “Outside food is not allowed”.  I explained that I baked them myself, but then he said “I’ll charge you $4 a plate”.  I then said, “It’s okay. I’ll keep my main dish plate and won’t waste any plates of yours”.  Despite that, he did not accept it.  Before the cake, we were about to order some desserts and teas from the menu to enjoy the rest of our evening, but his attitude ruined the atmosphere.  So we decided to leave and enjoy tea and desserts elsewhere.  

Having grown up in a restaurant, I know exactly how customer service should be: the waiter should be helpful (especially when being asked about some items in the menu e.g. difference between the teas as we are not familiar with moroccan food) and should be respectful towards its customers

The food was excellent, but I’m utterly disappointed about the service.  Just because of this, I shall not come back again; or at least until they improve their customer service.


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