Brunch at Mango Shiva, Calgary

Having been to Mango Shiva for its lunch and dinner, we decided to go there for brunch at the weekend. Reason? Well they had very unique brunch menus (a kind of American/Indian fusion).  

We chose:

– Butter chicken waffles (name says it all; butter chicken with waffles)

– Eggs Benedeep (we chose the duck rather than kale.  This was serviced with fenugreek hollandaise, cardamon biscuits, potato masala hash and fruit).

I really liked the fact that they chose to make breakfast on a different level: dishes that we are used to (waffles and eggs benedict) but in an Indian version.

Butter chicken waffles:

– The butter chicken was spicy and not so creamy/bland (which is normally), so I quite liked it!

– Waffles were average (a tad sweet), but felt fresh.

After a few minutes though, the waffles turned soggy so this dish had to be eaten quickly!  The portion was very small – only 2 x 1 bite size pieces of chicken!

Eggs Benedeep

– Duck was really good (more like a pulled duck)

– Biscuit was very small but delicious

– Potato masala hash is basically like an aloo bhaji cooked with curry leaves.  This was quite spicy, but perfect for me!

– Poached eggs – was not so perfect on the other hand.  It was not soft, but rather firm.

Masala Chai

– Not to creamy and thick (as Indian chai is normally), so I liked it!  The chai spices were perfectly balanced.

Service – good as usual.

Would I come here again for brunch?  This has to be a one-off for me, especially since the portions were so small and the dishes were not cheap.

Overall, a good experience and I would recommend anyone to try it out. 


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