Monogram Coffee, Calgary

Located in the south-west area of Calgary, this is a relatively new and popular coffee place. I couldn’t wait to try it especially after hearing that they’ve really skilled baristas!

Adequate car parking, but there was lack of seating inside.

Food: we decided to order some food since we didn’t have breakfast.  There wasn’t much of a choice: basically toast and some topping.

I chose the apple butter and cheese.  My hubby chose the dry beef and watercress.  It was more of a light snack and wasn’t adequate as a filling breakfast.

Drinks: I had the mocha and my hubby had the sweeteners condensed milk latte.

Mocha was made from valrhorna chocolate (good quality chocolate that comes from France). However the mocha was a tad sour despite adding sugar and I also could not taste the coffee in it.

The latte on the other hand was smooth, creamy but then again not that strong.

Although this is a favorite to many Calgarians, I wouldn’t visit again because it’s a little far, a tad pricey and would rather stick to Analog Coffee or the Roasterie.  It’s a worth a try though, but just for the drinks.



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