Decadent Desserts, Calgary

 This is a long-established small bakery, located in the centre of downtown (8 St, 10 Ave).
I was really excited to try out this place, especially since it was within 20 minutes walking distance from my place!
So today on new year’s eve, I decided to grab some stuff.

Coconut cake

  • This was the most raved about item on the internet by various reviewers.
  • Although it was a large and flavourful cake slice, I found the cake itself to be a tad dry.  This was a sandwich type of cake i.e. there was a decent layer of buttercream in the middle of the cake and the cake was covered in buttercream all around it.  In fact, it was the buttercream that stood out: very smooth, creamy and not overly sweet.  This was topped up with lots of coconut flakes.
  • Overall, it was a tasty large piece of cake that was worth trying.

Lemon tart

  • This was another popular product of theirs.
  • A rather bland shortbread base had a a very rich, thick lemon filling on top.  This was extreeeeeeemely sweet for me.

Brownie cheesecake:

  • If you are a fan of the biscuit base cheesecake, this won’t meet your need as it does not have the regular graham cracker biscuit base.
  • Cheesecake itself was very thick and average; nothing “wow” to me.
  • Chocolate parts: quite bitter, creamy and rich to my liking. If you do not like bitter/semi-sweet chocolate that you would not enjoy this.

Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookies 

  • Lack of buttery taste.
  • Very light and a bit soft (I’d prefer it to be baked a little more).
  • Chocolate chips were adequate and quite sweet.
  • Overall the shortbread cookies were not sweet.  Since I’m a person who does not like things “too sweet”,this definitely means something: that it’s hardly sweet! 🙂

After having all of this, I am sugar overload!  Would I come back here?  50:50 chance.  I would because of the location (easily accessible since I currently don’t have a car) but I found everything a bit overpriced.  Each item were around $3.50-$4 each and a bag of 6 cookies were around $9.

I have already tried out majority of the bakeries in Calgary and I know exactly which ones come to the top of my list 😉  I will tell you my secret shortly!


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