Grizzly Bear, Banff

Grizzly House is Banff’s popular fondue restaurant.  They say it’s proven to be a memorable experience and it surely was!

They stand out for their uncommon meats: shark, alligator, rattlesnake, ostrich, frogs legs, buffalo and venison!  They still have the usual beef, lobster, chicken or prawn dishes, too!

We chose the four course fondue meal.


There were 2 kinds of soup.  I chose the french onion soup and it was delicious: hot, with toast and cheese on top.  The cheese was in fact so tasty!  My hubby chose the chicken tortellini soup which we quite enjoyed.   

This was pieces of bread served with either cheese or vegetable fondue.  We chose the cheese.  It was a hot bowl (flamed) and you had to dip bread in it.  The cheese was not that thick, but when you take the bread out of the cheese bowl, it gets all stringy and thick.  Simply delicious!           


Main course

I chose the beef and chicken fondue but added some other meats on the side to try: shark, venison and duck.  Surprisingly shark was really good – a bit like cod, but more meaty and didn’t smell.  Duck was slightly chewy due to the fat.  Beef and chicken were also excellent qualities of meat.  I heard from others that all meat are generally good, so choose what you fancy.


This was a chocolate Toblerone fondue served with fresh fruit.  My hubby as a Toblerone fan absolutely loved this.  The chocolate was a bit sweet for me and was quite a thin consistency.

 Overall, if you go to Banff, you should definitely try this place out! I dare you to try something exotic! Ho-ho-ha-ha-ha!



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