Ginger Beef at the Silver Inn, Calgary

Within days of moving here to Calgary, everyone used to talk about Ginger Beef.  Yup I never heard so much about  the Canadian “Ginger Beef” until I moved here.

So in -30 d.c my hubby decided to go to Silver Inn for a takeout (the place where Ginger Beef first originated from).

I’ve only had Ginger Beef from 2 different places in Calgary and honestly this was good. It’s basically fried battered pieces of beef in some red sauce. Unlike the other Ginger Beef that I had, this had  thick meat in it (rather than just batter).

Other items ordered:

Hot and Sour Soup- similar to what I’m used to in Montreal

Beancurds with vegetable and mushrooms – tasty, but I hardly saw any vegetables

Ginger squid – spicy and tasty

Overall, this was good food and wasn’t salty as Chinese food usually is. The restaurant was super busy- around 20-30 customers came into the restaurant within 15 minutes of opening up on Saturday .

Price – around $14/$15 a dish which I think is average for takeout food in Calgary.

(Left) – Ginger Squid; (Right) – Ginger Beef

Bean curd with Vegetables and Mushroom



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