Fresh cakes at Glamorgan Bakery

This is one of my favourite bakeries in Calgary!  Honestly, I have never had cakes as fresh as this (in Canada!). 

Established in 1977, Glamorgan Bakery is located in the SW area of Calgary (near to Westbrook Mall).  They are famous for its cheese buns (yes they sell around 600K cheese buns a year!).  It’s basically “SOOOO soft” white rolls with cheese on top.  My hubby is seriously addicted to this.

Stroop Waffles are waffle type of biscuits with a chewy toffee texture in the middle.  They are simply amazing! Even satisfying to drink them with tea 😃

Black Forest Cake is my favourite item from this store.  Having lived in Montreal for so many years, I rarely found this German dessert available in bakeries in Montreal.  However, having grown up in England, this was a common dessert!  At Glamorgan, the cake was incredibly moist, light and the cream was fresh.  Every single layer and ingredient in that cake stood out: the moist chocolate cake layers, cherry filling that’s not too sweet and the dark shaved chocolate.  The only downside was that Glamorgan did not sell individual slices of this; only a minimum of a 9 inch cake!  I had no choice, but to buy the whole cake for myself and it was every bite!

I also tried the hazelnut sliced cake (pictured above with the cheese bun) – again, amazing moist sponge cake filled with hazelnut buttercream that was not too overpowering or sweet. Mocha cake- also incredibly soft and fresh, but the chocolate was not strong as the coffee flavour.

This bakery is perfect for ordering cakes for any occasions as its so tasty and yet affordable. We actually ordered a cake for 50 people for a baby shower (vanilla cake with cream cheese buttercream filling) and this was highly complemented by other guests.

Overall, this is a top-notch bakery known for its fresh cakes/baked goods at affordable prices! You have no reason whatsoever not to try this place! 😃


Glamorgan Bakery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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