Red Lobster, Chinook, Calgary

  I’ve never been a big fan of Red Lobster. However, my hubby and I decided to try this out (located near the chinook centre).

For starters: 

Seafood pizza – thin crust (tortilla type) pizza. Worth having if you need an appetizer.

Sweet chilli prawns – really spicy. Prawns were juicy and the batter was not too greasy. The shrimps were over a bed of lettuce that had some spicy sauce over it. If you can’t take the heat, then don’t order this.


Fish tacos – some seafood but tacos had a lot of cabbage and salsa in it. Not bad, but I preferred my fresh fish rather than this 🙂

The fish of the day – I got the blackened salmon served over butter sauce and fresh vegetables. This was very, very good. I find that “the fish of the day” is always the tastiest meal on their menu because the fish is so fresh. Blackened fish is fish that’s cooked at a very high temperature over a cast iron dish. This retains the moisture in the fish.

Service: average. They made a few mistakes with our order, but they corrected it later. Food arrived within 15 minutes. 

Worth going for lunch since it’s cheaper (fish of the day was around $17 and came with a salad and lots of vegetables).



Today, I tried the French dessert “Mille-Feuille” for the very first time. The heart shaped, raspberry version was too hard to resist from Yann Haute Patisserie. 

Mille-feuille are layers of puff pastry (normally around 3 layers) with vanilla pastry cream in between each layer.

Since I’ve not tried any other mille-feuille before, I can’t really compare and comment as much.  This particular one was not an easy one to eat. The puff pastry was slightly crunchy and difficult to cut with a fork. So it was best to eat with fingers 🙂 The pastry cream was really delicious and light. The raspberries were a tad bit sour (but that’s what you expect during the off-season!). The puff pastry, sweet but a little salty.

In general, I love pastry cream (rather than whipped cream) and raspberries, so this was well worth the try!