Flatbread Pizza at Una Pizza, Calgary 

One thing that I’ve learnt about Calgary is that their fast-food is pretty, pretty good (i.e. hotdogs, burgers, fried chicken and pizza!).

This pizza place is located on 17th Ave SW, between 5th and 6th street.  Now why am I giving you the exact location? Because most likely you will not notice it if you walk along the avenue.  The sign is infact quite small outside and to me from outside it just looks like a warehouse.

The moment you walk in, you will see a queue (nope, they don’t take any bookings).  The seating area is not that large and tables are very close to each other.

una inside

My hubby and I went at around 6pm on a weekday evening and there was a 30 minutes wait as the restaurant was fully booked (unlike above!).  Be prepared to wait for 30-60 minutes for a seating.


Music was very loud, so I could hardly hear my husband.  In fact, we both were yelling at each other!  The fact that other tables that were located really close to us also did not help.


Excellent!  The waitress kept pouring water into our glasses everytime our glasses were almost finished. The greeter at the door entrance was one of the best I’ve seen as he seemed very energetic, passionate and really listened to us. He gave us a phone call as soon as a table became available so we did not have to wait in the line.


If you decide to go to Una Pizza, you must order the 4-maggi pizza! Per description of pizza on menu: provolone piccante, friulano, or di latte mozzarella + pecorino romano, finished with truffle oil + local urban honey.  The smell of the 4 cheeses were so unique, so fresh and tantalising.  This cheesiness really complimented the truffle oil (mmmmmm) and the subtle sweetness of the honey.  I added a poached egg on top. Everything was perfect…except, the pizza base was a little too crispy on the edges.  I love flatbread pizza, but sometimes it felt like pizza on tortilla chips due to the crunch.  The center was fine though.

Hubby ordered the “mushroom” pizza: roasted cremini mushrooms, smoked mozzarella + grana padano cheese, fresh arugula, truffle oil .  There was adequate perfectly cooked mushrooms topped up with the amazing truffle oil.  However, I felt that the amount of arugula was a bit overwhelming.


A total of 2 pizza’s are good enough for 3 hungry people and each pizza cost an average of $20.  They also do takeaways.

Omg – by thinking of the 4 maggi pizza, my mouth is watering up – I still can’t forget the aroma!

This was certainly the best flatbread pizza that I’ve tried in Calgary.


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