Le Quartier Général, Montreal

I came back from my Montreal trip last week and since then it’s been a busy month for me!  However, I thought I better write all about my food slowly, before I totally forget all the details!

This “Quebecois” bistro is situated is a hidden gem in the area of Plateau Mont-Royal!

I have to say that this meal was the highlight of my trip.


For around $45 each, we got a salad or soup, starter, main dish and a dessert.


Salad or Soup: I started off having a salad because the cold tomato soup did not appeal to me. My-oh-my, I thought “If a basic salad can be that fresh and tasty, then how tasty can my main meals and desserts be?” It was a bed of rocket leaves topped up with grated veg such as carrots and had a vinaigrette dressing (which was a bit sweet) and not tangy!  The cold tomato soup on the other hand was just as expected.

We were accompanied by a basket of bread which kept coming and coming – ohhhh I’ve missed the bread in Montreal.

Foie gras: I’ve only had duck foie gras once and this was at a well known food truck and I did not like it.  However this was simply amazing! It didn’t have that strong “foie gras” smell and was very rich. It was worth the extra $9 compared to other starters.

Tuna: medium rare topped up with crispy beets, watercress and a creamy delicious dressing (which I literally licked off the plate!!)

Main dishes:

All the menu items were displayed on the blackboard and were very, VERY well described by the waitress.  Number of items were limited, but this showed the fact that they cooked food using real ingredients and whatever was in the current market/season.  The main dishes on the menu consisted of the following:

  • Quebec Veal
  • Alberta Lamb
  • Boston Cod
  • Marieville Duck
  • Gaspor Pork
  • Standstead Rabbit

So as you see, each item was from a particular province.  Now I’d normally go for the lamb, but coming from Alberta, I really wanted to try something more local! So I opted for the Quebec Veal.  I gotta say that this was the PERFECT meal for me. The veal was on top of mashed potatoes!!!!! And this mashed potato was the tastiest mashed potato that I’ve ever had in my life! – so creamy, buttery and light! This was covered with veal gravy and a side of sautéed cherry tomatoes and bok choy  (ok my mouth is watering right now!)

Hubby had the Marieville Duck (medium cooked breasts) topped over a carrot puree with some veg such as turnips.


I needed something light so I opted for a creme brûlée rather than my typical choice of a chocolate dessert.  This was great as expected – I mean, come-on…how amazing can creme brûlée get? The top was crunchy, but it was a little burnt.  Therefore, I could taste a bit of bitterness.

Hubby had a lemon tart, which I could not comment (since I was enjoying my own dessert).

A friend had chosen the chocolate dessert.  This was quite unusual: it was not a cake, nor a mousse; something in between!  It was not heavy, had a biscuit base and a citrus twist!  If you do not like “too rich chocolate” then this would be great for your tastebuds because the orange does settle down the chocolate!


Hands down, this was one of the best services that I have received.  The waitress had so much patience to explain each and every menu item (even though I requested a second round of explanation). Although the bistro was full, I did not get a hint of her being annoyed by our questions. Bread kept coming and our glasses got filled up with water on a regular basis.   Although the place was full, we could still hear each other (i.e. wasn’t so loud!). Place was comfy, but there were some breeze as the doors were open on both sides.


If you want a good French meal from start to finish, I definitely recommend coming to this place!


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