Iftar at Nilu’s Kitchen, Calgary

Nilu’s Kitchen (Bangladeshi cuisine) has always impressed me by their tasty (yet non-greasy) food and excellent service.

Their Iftar special during this Ramadan left us speechless.

For $15, I had

  • Onion bhaji
  • Fried aubergine
  • Jalebi
  • Watermelon
  • Chickpeas (2 different styles)
  • Sweet/spicy sauce 
  • Orange drink
  • Dates

Then shortly after (around 40 minutes later (a good gap)) there was dinner:

  • Fish dall
  • Potato bharta (mash)
  • Chicken korma
  • Beef curry
  • Cucumbers, lime, chilli 
  • Rice
  • Pilau rice

Then lastly, Bangladeshi tea.

Menu changes every day and the host cannot really predict what they will be making for that night. Honestly, this left me a little skeptical before going there, but then I was surprised by the variety of dishes and the quality/taste of all the dishes.

Normally I don’t go for the fried iftar items but these items were at a completely different level. Not only they were tasty, but were not drenched in oil.

Fried Aubergine (Beguni)

My hubby and I kept going back for the chicken korma. Bangladeshi style is cooked with saffron and is different from the typical Indian creamy/sweet/coconut style.

Service was excellent as usual. A nice family running the business. Nilu (the owner’s wife) in charge of the kitchen and her husband as the host. Kids as the assistants.

It’s always a pleasant going back there. Nilu’s Kitchen never fails to surprise me.


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