Spud Groceries, Calgary

I remember a time when I used to do online groceries in the U.K while I was a student; it was very convenient since I initially didn’t have a car. Now having moved to a new city in Canada, I felt a need to look for an online grocer (since we don’t have a car as of yet). I didn’t see many choices of online grocers here in Calgary; only spud (local organic groceries). I wasn’t tempted to try it out because I assumed that it’d be pricey.  However, I was delighted to receive a coupon from them during the lilac festival: $30 off!!

So I ordered away. I was impressed with the online ordering system: very easy to navigate. Products displayed all the nutritional information in details. Moreover, there were discounted items!

I decided to order the harvest box at 33% discount. It’s already mentioned what and how many items would be in the box. I also ordered a cinnamon roll (from which they collected at a different bakery).  A bottle of salad dressing reduced to $4. And finally some grass-fed beef burgers at a reduced price.

The day of delivery depends on your postcode/area. And they give a range of time in advance. Initially I was told that my items would be delivered sometime between 3pm to 6pm. However the time range kept changing that day; and eventually I was told that it’d be delivered between 8pm and 10pm. It ended up coming at around 9pm.  By the way, delivery is free for all.

All the items were well packeted. Frozen items were in foiled envelopes.

We were charged for each of the boxes at $5 each, but we’d get them refunded once they’re picked up and returned back to their warehouse.

I was impressed with the quality of the food. Yes they’re organic, but these were kept and transported in good condition.

Personally, I feel very strongly for locally grown food, food baked/made with real ingredients and a sustainable company. I don’t buy organic unless the item is in the “dirty dozen” list.

The receipt was very detailed and showed how many miles each product has travelled from.

Given the fact that spud.ca is a sustainable company and really help local farmers, it’s really the highlight for me.  With food so tasty, good for you and discounted, I’m sure that I’ll order from here whenever I run out of food!


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