Ristorante Italiano Buon Giorno, Calgary

Located on 17th Ave/9st, this is a family run business that existed for over 20 years.

After its rennovation and change of owners, we decided to go. 


  • Calamari – these breaded squids were tasty, but not crunchy, and was served with a tomato basil sauce.
  • Bococinni salad – I was craving for a real Italian salad. I love the combination of tomatoes, cheese and basil. The tomatoes weren’t sweet as the ones in Italy, but still had a crunch. Cheese was good. This was topped up with a basalmic vinegar sauce.  I felt that this was too aciditc for my liking


  • Veal tortellini in a creamy pesto sauce: portion was huge! So creamy and pasta was fresh.
  • Seafood risotto: cooked with a saffron tomato based sauce. Tasted great except that it was more of a paella consistency. I’m used to the rice being “a la dente” in the risotto, but this was very well cooked

Desserts? We skipped this since we were too full.

Ambiance was very comforting; a family resto vibe.

Service was excellent!!! We were served by Jeremy- a very witty, down to earth person.


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