Calgary Stampede Food 2016

One thing I always look forward to about the Stampede is the food! What I loved the most this year were the deep fried coffee balls!  These were not sweet as Tim Horton’s “Timbits” (which I don’t like at all!).  In fact, these were fresher, soft, warm and moist coffee mini type of doughnuts.  We had a selection of flavours to choose from: I chose to mix and match the mocha chip and the espresso flake.  Both flavours were delicious!!

My hubby’s highlight of the day was the frosted chicken on a stick: a huge piece of chicken covered with crispy Kellogg’s Frosties!!

Half eaten

My second favourite were the perogies.  These were dough stuffed with cheese and potato and we had a choice of toppings! Butter chicken flavour was sold out, so I had the tacos flavour: minced beef, green onions, sour cream, spicy sauce and cheese!

Other items we tried:

Lamb donair from My Donair.  They did not give much meat in the wrap and the wrap itself was quite thick.  However, it was tasty as I had salad, hummus, hot sauce etc in it.

Colossal – you can’t go wrong with this.  If you love onion rings, you would love this.  We tried it last year for the first time – served with a spicy sauce!

Deep fried oreo milkshake – deep fried oreos were so popular last year (if you haven’t tried them yet, you better try it!)  The milkshake wasn’t anything special and it felt more like a regular oreo milkshake.

Right now, I feel like going back just to have those deep fried coffee balls…but uhhh…the entrance fee itself into the stampede grounds is $18!! Is it worth it? Maybe so 😉


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