Lina’s Italian Supermarket, Calgary

Since my trip to Italy, I’ve been looking in Montreal and Calgary for the perfect cup of cappuccino.  I did not think at all that THE place would be in Calgary!

A tiny cup of coffee is how Italians drink. The cafe is located within the Italian supermarket.

Here’s what I tried:

Triple chocolate biscotti – I’ve never had a biscotti that was not dry.  This was very crunchy, yet moist and had tons of dark/milk choc and some white chocolate.

Doughnut – One bite and it’s OMGGGGGGG!! This is the next best thing after the ones that are sold in my hometown Cornwall, U.K; why? Cuz it’s so fresh! I first bought the nutella flavoured doughnut.  I’m not a big fan of nutella (as I find it too sweet and don’t really like hazlenuts).  However, the dough was so fresh, soft, light and tasty.  It wasn’t too sweet (as Tim Hortons and other places are).  The bottom of the doughnut was a tiny bit greasy, but that’s ok cuz it felt like “homemade”.  The other option was a vanilla creme doughnut (vanilla cream that wasn’t sweet instead of the nutella filling).

Cannoli – they had a choice of mini one or a larger one.  I chose the mini Sicilian Cannoli.  The cannoli shells are filled with ricotta that has some orange peel and chocolate in it. I must say, these are one of the best I’ve had here.

Last, but not least, the cappuccino was something 🙂 I am caffeine sensitive, so normally I get high then feel crappy immediately after drinking.  However, not only I got high, but I got reeeeeally high!  LOL.  I think it was partly due to how good it tasted!  I just could not stop singing after this!

Oh another thing, they have food for lunch too such as sandwiches and salads.

One thing I must tell you: having moved to the North America from Europe, I really miss the “freshness” and quality of food. Everything from vegetables to diary. So therefore, if I sense a feeling of “home”(i.e. for me that is fresh and tasty food), then I get really really happy 🙂  And this is one of the very few places that made me feel like that.


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