Padmanadi Vegetarian Restaurant, Edmonton

This was one of the best vegetarian restaurants that I’ve been to. Now, carnivores, don’t get put off by “vegetarian”. All of their dishes are made with “vegetarian” meat i.e. Tastes like meat, but it’s not.

Here are some of the dishes that we tried:

  • Tom Yum Soup: spicy, lemongrass, with vege prawns, tofu and veg. Very aromatic and pleasantly spicy. The prawns looked like the real prawns, but were not as “rubbery” as the real prawns. With a price of $10.95, it’s enough for 5 people and definitely worth having

  • Spicy Coconut Eggplant: eggplant cooked in a spicy coconut sauce. My hubby who has an allergic reaction to aubergine couldn’t even help himself to this! Devine!

  • Kung Pao Chicken: vege chicken peices with veg and roasted cashew nuts – delicious and medium spiced

  • Ginger Beef: very tangy a day bit sweet. For those who like ginger beef, this would not disappoint you.
  • Spicy Chicken: I’d have to say that this was the only dish that was untouched by 8 of us. It wasn’t spicy and in fact was sweet.
  • Tom Yum Mutton: another hit. Mutton like peices in spicy coconut sauce. I think this meat was the closest to the real mutton meat.

  • Steamed Coconut Rice: fluffy white rice with a hint of coconut. I couldn’t taste the real shredded coconut and it wasn’t that sweet. I liked it that way.

Overall, after eating this, I conclude that our short day trip to Edmonton was VERY worthwhile! Carnivores, do NOT be disappointed!


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