Alloy Restaurant, Calgary

This elegant fine dining restaurant is located off Macleod Trail.  We decided to go to this “highly rated” place since it was a special day for us.  Luckily it was within the car-2-go area since we didn’t have a car and it was out of downtown!


  • Truffle Gnocchi – this was probably the best gnocchi I’ve had outside of Italy.  I felt that it was so fresh and almost melting in my mouth. It was served with sauted mushrooms, cream and parmesan.  Definitely one to try

  • Lobster Tempura – served with lime aioli dressing and fennel slaw – not bad but nothing to stand out

  • Alberta Beef Tartare – cilantro and sriracha with qual eggs and crisps.  It was sweet and a spicy dish (more on the sweeter side); and was probably the largest appetizers out of the 3 we tried.  The others were tiny!  I didn’t like the crisps on it though

Main Dishes

  • Pacific Halibut – served with shrimp risotto and sauted kale.  The fish was a bit dry (more meaty) and didn’t have much seasoning it.  Despite adding some hot sauce to it, it still didn’t live up to the expectations.  The risotto was a bit overcooked and the arborio rice was smaller compared to others.  Shrimps were the tiniest ones you can get and didn’t make a big difference.  Kale? I cant remember seeing the kale much. I think there was a leaf or two.  For $45, this was disappointing. I’d rather have a tasty bit of fish from Red Lobster, Macleod Trail in Calgary!

  • Beef Tenderloin – I didn’t feel that “wow..mmm Alberta beef” feeling as I did in other steak places. Served with mushroom ragu, it was good and complemented the baby peeled potatoes, but the sauce lacked a bit of salt.


  • Flourless Chocolate Cake – I heard that this was to die for, so I had to order it.  It was a huge disappointment; perhaps because I’m from Montreal and got spoilt with the likes of Juilette et Chocolat and Cacao 70….or perhaps cuz I’m a baker myself!  It was a bit hard and dry (i’d expect it to be soft since flourless cakes are more “eggy”).  This was served with vanilla ice cream and berry syrup

  • Mini Doughnuts – Served with dulche de leche cinnamon sugar and toasted pistachio.  There were about 8-10 warm mini doughnuts in a bowl.  I felt it lacked sweetness (was more light).  I couldn’t taste much of the dulche de leche or cinnamon taste.  This also didn’t meet my expectations.

Overall, the appetizers and main dishes were quite small and the desserts were huge! I would expect their sizing to be more consistent with each other.

Ambiance – Very good, no complaints.  The environment is more of a classy feeling.  Customers were dressed really well and they were much older.

Service – Very good, but was extremely slow towards the end (because the restaurant was packed!).  Ex: it took around 20 mins for the desserts menu to come to our table, then another 20 mins to receive the desserts.  The waitress, however, apologized and gave one of the desserts for free!

Since the price of food is quite high, I’d have expected the food taste to be really good!  However, none (except the gnocchi) met my expectations.

It’s a nice place to come for a special occasion (due to the ambiance), but I wouldn’t come here again.



2 thoughts on “Alloy Restaurant, Calgary

    1. Average cost for 2 for fast food is generally around $50. For fine dining, I’d say around $140 for 2. But we occasionally go, cuz a foodie has to eat 😄


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