Pulcinella, Calgary

Located in the trendy area of Kensington, I heard that this was a great “Italian” pizza place. However, it did not meet my expectations to real Italian pizza.

We ordered the truffle cheese pizza.  There were pieces of truffles on it, but it made the whole pizza taste bitter and smelly. I wasn’t sure if the truffles were actually burnt!  I have always had truffle on pizza and burgers, but it never tasted this bitter.  On top of that, the pizza cost $30 and was enough for 1 person.

Calamari was great (tomato-ish and not crispy), but for the price of $18, I had expected more.

Ambiance was romantic, chill-out atmosphere. They were super busy on a Saturday night. Tables were small.

Would I come here again? No. It cost us around $80 for 2 people: 1 calamari, 2 pizzas and a bottle of sparkling water.  For that price, I would expect the food to be above average.


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