What I ate during my B day weekend!

Eating out on my birthday meant that I had the choice to eat whatever I wanted (even even hubby didn’t want to!).

Gravity Espresso & Wine Bar, Inglewood

I’ve been craving for Cornish pasties for a while! I could not find one in Calgary nor in Montreal; until I saw a Twitter post from these guys!  So this was my first mission on that weekend.

The pasty crust was not bad, but not as springy and soft as I’m used to in Cornwall.  The filling normally comprises of beef cubes, swede, turnips, onions, potatoes and pepper.  There was only 1 lump of beef which was extremely hard to bite through. The turnip was hard, too. In fact, the filling was all too dry. I thought at the time “I seriously gotta learn how to make Cornish pasties!”. It was worth the try, but it could not compare at all to the authentic Cornish pasties that I’ve had in the past.

What surprised me was the dark chocolate (gluten-free) torte cake.  It was incredibly rich and satisfying (I could not finish the slice because it was rich!) It wasn’t too bitter; more like semi-sweet. The texture was relatively creamy, although a little crumbly.  To date, this was the only decent rich chocolate dessert I have found in Calgary that satisfied my chocolate cravings!

This cafe was rather nice and I would definitely come here for desserts.

The Coup

Coup is one of my favourite restaurants because ingredients are fresh and food is tasty/wholesome.  My current favourite dish on the menu is the Beach HotPot (coconut Thai broth with vegetables such as lotus roots, edamame etc).  I just add tofu for my protein. So this was my real birthday meal!

Our Daily Brett

This was my first visit to Daily Brett. Firstly, the cost kind of surprised me as it was quite pricey! However, I when I actually tried their salads (cost determined by its weight) and pain au chocolat, I felt so much in peace.  I tried their beet salad with chevre cheese (devine), bean salad and trout cakes! All were really delicious! I think 2 trout cakes and a bit of salad cost me around $15. The pain au chocolat (at $3.50 each) was so fresh, and crispy (and soft in inside), with 2 strips of dark chocolate. It was the first pain au chocolat I’ve had that wasn’t loaded with sugar! So if sugar is not your thing, this is fantastic.

What I liked about the store was that all their ingredients for each of their product (e.g. pain au chocolat) were clearly displayed. They promote themselves as good, honest food.

I personally believe that if food is local, fresh, well-treated (e.g. grass fed beef), then the food itself is actually very tasty and satisfying.



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