Charcut Roast House, Calgary

Today for lunch, I decided to have just dessert.’s cuz I had double breakfast!

This was the salted caramel chocolate crunch pudding. For $12, I expected it to be a bit bigger. I normally think of pudding to be warm, but this was cold.

The pudding was delicious, I can’t complain! A light layer of salted caramel sauce over a thick layer of chocolate cold pudding (a bit of a jelly consistency). I assume it has gelatine.  Personally, I’d prefer it without gelatine. The chocolate crunch and wafers on top made it a decadent dessert. 

Tea was $5. At that price, I’d expect a pot of tea. However the Le Creuset teapot of tea was so tiny (just over a tiny cup of tea). Basically you pay for using the pot.

My colleagues on the other hand had a lunch meal of the day. This consisted of a sandwich (although today’s one was pork), fried in Parmesan, soup and a bag of 2 delicious choc chip cookies all for $15. They enjoyed it very much.

Would I come here again?

Dessert and tea were overpriced. The teapot’s too tempting though. However, the lunch was a bargain and wouldn’t mind trying it out if they have beef/chicken options!


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