Buffets in Las Vegas

Vegas is known for its buffets.  So we ended up going to 3 of the popular ones during our trip:

  1. Wicked Spoon at the Cosmopolitan
  2. Bacchanal at Cesaers
  3. The Buffet at Wynn
The Wicked Spoon

The day I arrived at Vegas (on 25th Dec), we planned to go to the Bacchanal. However, there was a 6 hour waiting time from 2pm. Insane. So we went to the Wicked Spoon (3 hours waiting). Food: everything was too salty and the desserts were overly sweet. Yes..I’m a dessert person, but I could not eat a single item from its buffet.  Salad choice was pretty basic: caesers salad mostly. I thought at that time “I’m never going to a buffet again; especially after waiting 3 hours in line and paying around $45 for “lower than average quality food””.


On the second day, I decided to wake up early and go to the Bacchanal buffet in order to beat the lines!  Too right, at 9:30am there was only a 10 mins waiting time! Yey!!!!

The variety of food was just great: dumplings, vegetarian thai curry, fried calamari rice, roast lunch, gnocchi, salads, smoked salmon,trout, sushi, lobster benedict, Kobe beef etc. However, beyond the quantity of food, the food was just flavourful.  In fact, the asian style food were a bit spicy.  Moreover, the made to order omelet was prob the best omelet I’ve had in my life. Seriously, the chef knew how to make the “perfect” omelet. In fact, all the chefs really knew how to cook.  French toast = soft on inside and crusty on the outside with the right amount of sweetness. Pizza= flatbread cheese pizza.

Desserts: many variety including ice cream, croissants and sticky toffee pudding. However, everything was too sweet for me. I guess I’m used to the real French pastries from Montreal where they put less focus on sugar.

The Buffet, Wynn

The Buffet at the Wynn was the last of all buffets I had. I heard it’s the second best to Bacchanal, and probably it’s correct. I was gutted that they had to many pork dishes and fewer other meat/vegetarian options. For lunch, there was beef, lamb etc, but all were pretty tasteless (just salty). This couldn’t even compare to the the food quality and taste at Bacchanal.

Right now, I’m writing this blog post on my flight back to YYC. Honestly, I can no longer think of food because of overdosing myself with buffet.  Yes, people say “Don’t eat all day and just eat like anything at the buffet”.  At a holiday buffet price (twice than the normal price), I followed everyone’s advice.

Lessons learnt:

  1. Go to the buffet early to avoid long lineups.  I suggest to go before 10am- people tend to sleep in late in Vegas and wake up late.
  2. Go to at least one buffet during your visit in Vegas (Bacchanal is a must!)
  3. Try non-buffet places (new post coming up soon)



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