What I ate in Vegas (Non-Buffet)

As mentioned in earlier posts, Las Vegas is known for its buffet. However, it’s also known for its food from famous chefs such as Gordon Ramsay and the Cake Boss.  Here are a few non-buffet places that we went to.
Gordon Ramsay Burgr, Planet Hollywood
It was around 11pm when we decided to try out this burger place! I was particularly excited to try Gordon’s truffle burger (truffle tremor cheese, foie gras, truffle aioli) and truffle parmesan fries (yes, truffle is my weakness).  We also tried a shake (creme brûlée pudding, oreo flavour).
The shake was served within 10 mins – and OMG, I must say this was really a dessert.  There were layers of creme brûlée pudding (thick cream consistency) and layers of oreo ice cream shake.  This was topped up with the top part of pudding and an oreo cookie. Delicious.  It was very hard not to finish it up before our burgers were served!
Burger and fries were served about 30 mins later.
The burger patty was really basic (no spices in it).  Moreover, I didn’t experience that “ahhh” good quality of meat that I normally taste from any good burger place in Alberta.  I could not taste the truffle aioli or the foie gras too.
 Fries were not fries – these were thick chips.  Now normally I love chips (since I’m British), but these were a bit dry.  The truffle sauce served with the fries was really good.
For 2 burgers, 1 shake and 1 fries, the bill came up to around $80.  After lining up for an hour at 11pm, I’d expect decent burgers from Mr Gordon Ramsay..after all, isn’t it a famous burger shop?
Mon Abi Gabi, Paris Las Vegas
This French restaurant is known for its food and its view of the strip. Usually, there is long lineup outside, but we booked a day in advance and got a seating right on time for breakfast!
I ordered the mushroom omelet, which was decent.
Hubby ordered the special of the day item, which was roast beef, caramelised onions egg benedict.  He said it was the best benedict he’s ever had.
What blew our mind was the crepe.
We ordered a cream cheese cinnamon crepe to share.  It was the texture of the crepe that really amazed us: soft and springy, yet slightly crispy on the outside.  I’m used to the soft thin crepes we get in Montreal, but I’ve never experienced a tasty one like this.  Somehow the brown sugar on top was caramelised with a small pool of melted cream cheese in the middle.  Mind you, the moment I got back to Calgary, I started testing out crepes to make it exactly like that…. well I couldn’t get it exact, but it did satisfy us to some extent!
Overall, this definitely was a memorable experience and we’d come back for sure if at anytime we visit Vegas again!
Jean Phiippe Patisserie
The evening after having the crepe at Mon Abi Gabi (mentioned above), I decided to try the “amazing” crepe from Jean Philippe Patisserie at Bellagio hotel.
The bakery is really entisting: huge chocolate fountain at the entrance, followed by a display of ice cream flavours, followed by croissants and different baked goods.
I ordered a chocolate crepe (chocolate fudge sauce, strawberries and brownies) and they made it in front of us.  Unfortunately, the crepe wasn’t amazing after all.  It was a regular soft crepe (no sign of crispiness at all).
The brownies weren’t rich enough to my liking and were too chewy; and the chocolate sauce couldn’t compare to those from chocolate places in Montreal.  The cost was also on the higher end.
It’s nice to visit to see one of the largest chocolate fountains in the world.. but don’t expect so much from the food for the high price you pay.  On the other hand, I am a little spoilt from having some of the best pastries in Montreal.
Eiffel Restaurant, Paris Las Vegas
This was the most expensive meal we had in Vegas; but it was worth it because of our anniversary!
Located in the Eiffel tower, there were many tables that were positioned towards the window.  Although hubby and I sat together on the same table, we were facing diagonally towards the window so that we could see the strip (not directly each other).  This was nice – I got to experience the view of the strip whilst talking to my hubby!  On the other hand, it had little eye contact with him – and more so on the strip (and my food!)
For starters I ordered the main lobster and hubby ordered the beef tartare.  Both were really delicious.  Beef tartare was so fresh.  I remember licking the lobster sauce off my plate.
For mains, I ordered the rack of lamb.  It was the best I’ve ever had – each part had some fat on it, so it was succulent and tasty.  It went well with the tomato sauce.
Hubby ordered Venison and he really enjoyed it.
For dessert, we shared a caramel souffle. To my surprise, it was larger than I expected.  This was very light, huge, flourly (less eggy) – if you know what I mean 😃  I personally didn’t enjoy it that much.
This was a one-off experience. For the price, I wouldn’t go back again.
Strip House, Planet Hollywood
I found out from the internet about a popular 24 layer chocolate cake so I just had to try this cake out!
Entering the restaurant, I found it a little awkward (or maybe not cuz it’s Vegas!).  There were photos of nude women everywhere! I guess I got used to the craziness around me in Vegas anyway, so I was patiently waiting for my takeout dessert.
Back at the hotel, luckily I found a friend to share this with (as hubby doesn’t like choc).
It was quite rich and not too sweet as most desserts in Vegas.  I expected the cake to be light and have light layers of chocolate buttercream.  However, the cake was a bit firm and heavy, not too chocolatey or sweet.  The buttercream was very thick and heavy and not that sweet.
All in all, it was a good experience to try that huge slice of cake.  However, it’s not something that I’d order again if I go to Vegas again – I prefer a more richer chocolate cake.
The Boiling Crab

This American seafood franchise was located outside of the strip – it took about 15 mins via uber to go from the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign of the strip.
Although we got there 30 mins before opening at 3pm, there was already a short queue! So I thought “this must be really good” since it is located far and ate by the locals!
It’s a fast food chain (similar to the Nandos vibe).  This is how it works:
1) You get seated at a table
2) Waiter offers to put a bib on you
3) You order from the menu.  Prices of seafood are determined on a weight basis. Choices included fresh crab legs, lobster, prawns, crawfish, clams etc.  You choose what flavour you want (I chose cajun + lemon) and how spicy you want them
4) Food comes in a polythene bag
5) Eat with your fingers (there are no cutleries and no plates).  So you can get really messy.  Even the table cloth is disposable.
6) Then you pay once you’re done.
I gotta tell you, I loved the seafood because it was cooked well and spicy!  I loved the fact that I could eat with my hands/fingers, have sauce all over my mouth without anyone looking or making comments!  For 3 bags of cajun seafood, fried calamari, fried shrimps and cajun fries (seriously good), the bill came up to $80. We were seriously stuffed!
This was well worth it.  Other locations include LA.
Carlos Bakery

Home of Cake Boss (Buddy Valastro), there was a 1 hour lineup to order food; then another 20 mins waiting to collect the food.
This was a huge disappointment for me. I heard so much about their lobster tails (crunchy flaky pastry around a vanilla cream filling) and their cannolis.  Everything was super sweet for me.  Moreover, their cannolis couldn’t even compare to ones from an Italian neighbourhood in Montreal.  Cake Boss’s pastries were very Americanised (less authentic).  For people who have a really sweet tooth, it could be good. The price was very expensive too.  I guess cuz it’s located right in the Venetian building.
Lobster Rolls
As seen in the picture below, this was shown on the food network as one of the places to eat.
The bread roll was sweet (similar to a brioche) and was huge compared to the lobster filling. At around $18, the roll wasn’t anything special to what I had at a food truck festival in Montreal.
Overall, I got to try many famous and popular food places.  Prices were extortionately high, but it’s all a good memorable experience.

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