Anju, Korean Restaurant, Calgary

This Korean upscale resto is located on 17th Ave of Calgary.
I gotta say, this restaurant is now definitely one of my favourite!
As a first timer. the waitress advised us to try a number of small sized different dishes.
Hubby and I ordered the following:
  1. Oxtail Tortellini (Soy Sauce, Truffle Oil, Grana Padano)
  2. Fois Gras & Tofu (Smoked Bone Marrow, Steam Bread, Plum, Pistachio, Sesame)
  3. Beef Short Ribs (Sweet Garlic Soy Marinade, Cucumber Kimchi)
  4. Korean Beef Sliders
  5. Squid Fried Rice
  6. Dark Chocolate White Truffle Pâté (Black Vinegar, Orange Compote, Chocolate Gochujang Ice Cream)
  7. Fuyu Persimmon Cheesecake (Stewed Dates, White Chocolate Curry Crumble, Kaenip, Lemon)
Tortellini was so fresh with a “a la dente” texture of the pasta.  Oxtail was tender with a hint of spices.


Fois Gras & Tofu was out of this world.  Normally I find fois gras too strong, but this was blended with tofu and was so creamy and light; topped up with crumbled pistachios.  Portion was more than enough and it was served with steamed/toasted thin slices of bread.

Beef short ribs was as expected (from any decent Korean place), but the cucumber kimchi that it was served with was mouth watering (salty, spicy and a bit sour).


Korean Beef Sliders – beef on toasted bread with melted broiled cheese, spring onions and sesame.  Moist, tender beef filling on a slightly crunchy/soft bread.


Squid Fried Rice – I normally go for plain rice whenever I’m at a restaurant because I don’t like my rice to be greasy.  However, when the waitress described it as “extremely spicy rice”, I knew I had to go for it!  It was the best fried rice I’ve ever had – the rice was the black kind (arborio style).  It was cooked with a lot of dry chilli peppers, but the heat wasn’t all that.  The rice was tasty on its own (with its own blend of spices).  My hubby normally can’t take the heat, but he found it tasty and couldn’t resist it.  In terms of “heatness”, if you are used to Asian spicy style food, then you would be able to bear this heat.  For me, I didn’t find it that spicy!


Dark chocolate dessert.  This was the most unusual dessert that I’ve had in my life!  There was a chocolate torte like cake (thicker than mousse), very rich in chocolate.  However, I found that the truffle oil was so overpowering that I could hardly taste the chocolate. Yes I love truffle oil, but I think a tad less of it would do the job.  I couldn’t taste the sweetness of the chocolate.  Moreover, this was served with chocolate ice cream that was in fact very spicy! I found it a very weird combination.  It was also served with a chocolate meringue, which seemed to be a bit dry.  The black vinegar was only a drop, so it did not influence the taste overall – the truffle oil and the spice already took over!  At the end, I could not finish the cake because it was too filling.  I’d rather go for a sweet dessert rather than something spicy after a spicy meal 😃


The cheesecake was very light and creamy; and very refreshing indeed. This cheesecake had hints of lemon everywhere and was definitely satisfying after a spicy meal.  It was topped up with stewed dates, but to me, the dates tasted a bit like raisins.

Service – The waitress described everything perfectly.  For example, when I asked her to describe the chocolate dessert, she didn’t read from the menu.  Instead she described the texture and taste as close to reality.  From what I’ve seen, this is a skill that I don’t see much here in North America, but see a lot in Italian/French restaurants in Europe.
Ambiance – Comfy sofas, low lighting, dark furnitures, mellow music.  It was perfect for making conversations (unlike other loud restaurants).
Food – Impeccable.

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